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After many years thinking about starting a blog, I’ve finally done it! You probably think I chose an odd topic to focus on but I think that our view of what happens after death affects our view of God, people around us and even the world itself.

Although I’m a husband, father of small children, full-time worker and part-time postgraduate student, God willing I hope to find time each week to share some thoughts on:

  1. How does our view on hell affect our view of God and people?
  2. How does our view on hell affect our view of justice and punishment’s purpose?
  3. What things in this world, which is hellish1 for many people, can we reform?
  4. Can people in hell be reformed? Is hell a place of reformation—a reforming hell?
  5. How are Christians currently trying to reform our view on hell?
  6. How have past Christians wanted to reform our view on hell?

1. this present evil age Galatians 1:4

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