Death & the Life Hereafter

Dr Paul Williamson 1 gave the 2016 Annual Moore College Lectures. The topic this year was “Death and the Life Hereafter”. It was a great series and I’m glad it included Q&A. I found the first and the last lectures particularly interesting.

Lecture 1—Introduction

Summary: Surveyed the views of the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Zoroastrians, Greeks, and Romans then focused on Evangelical views, and outlined what each of the other lectures would cover.
Event: outline and video.
Review: Videoclip: The Gauntlet Thrown Down by Evangelical Universalists

Lecture 2—Death, the Ultimate Separation?

Summary: What happens to people immediately after death?
Event: outline and video.
Review: I think this lecture is the most in-depth discussion on the intermediate state that I’ve come across. It was refreshingly balanced and insightful, and despite having studied hell, etc. for years, I learnt quite a few things.

Lecture 3—Resurrection, the Ultimate Makeover?

Summary: When are we resurrected?
Event: outline and video.
Review: A comprehensive discussion of the development of the idea of resurrection, from the OT, through the intertestamental period, and into the NT. He also made a compelling case for why resurrection will occur on the Last Day, as opposed to immediately after someone dies.

Lecture 4—Judgment, the Ultimate Verdict?

Summary: How significant are our works?
Event: outline and video.
Review: I liked his handling of the tension between faith and works. Also the point he made at the end (1h 10m 25s) was particularly thought-provoking: that Judgment isn’t for God’s benefit but ours.

Lecture 5—Hell, the Ultimate Holocaust?

Summary: Is the punishment conscious or terminal?
Event: outline and video.
Review: To do…

Lecture 6—Heaven, the Ultimate Destination?

Summary: Will it be on Earth? Will it be for everyone?
Event: outline and video.
Review: As he directly critiques Evangelical Universalism in this lecture, I’ve engaged with him in greater depth:

Dr Paul Williamson
Dr Paul Williamson

1. Williamson lectures in Old Testament, Hebrew and Aramaic at Moore College, has written a number of books, and was a NIV Study Bible contributor.

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