Parry—Burning Love

Robin Parry gave this excellent talk at the 2015 Rethinking Hell Conference:

I began transcribing it but he kindly gave me the paper to save a lot of work! As it’s 7602 words, I’ll post it in a few parts and then attach a PDF of the entire talk once I’ve finished.

  1. Parry—Burning Love: The Theological Hermeneutics of Hell (1162 words)
  2. Parry—Hell in the Context of the Biblical Narrative (321 words)
  3. Parry—Creation: all things are from him and for him (1304 words)
  4. Parry—Redemption: all things are through him (835 words)
  5. Parry—Church: a foretaste of the age to come (470 words)
  6. Parry—Consummation: all things are to him (343 words)
  7. Parry—The Victory of Divine Love over Evil (441 words)
  8. Parry—Augustine’s Prison (1195 words)
  9. Parry—Free Will & Annihilationism (908 words)
  10. Parry—The Hospital (548 words)

Entire talk as a PDF:

Parry—Burning-Love—Rethinking-Hell-Conference (7602 words)