The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a non-profit organisation that produces short, high quality, animated videos of the biblical story (they also produce study guides, podcasts, etc. too). They use crowdfunding (I’m a monthly supporter) so that it can be free for everyone, everywhere!

The directors, Tim Mackie and Jonathan (Jon) Collins, aren’t Christian Universalists, but they often follow Josh Butler’s approach (similar to C. S. Lewis’—see Live Q+A – Heaven and Earth at around the 5, 30, & 37 minute marks, and Is Hell a Skeleton in God’s Closet?), so they say things that I think point towards it (e.g. see Heaven & Earth). God willing I’ll get a opportunity to engage with some of their videos but in the meantime, here’s their latest video that I’ve just transcribed:

I engaged with part of one of their podcast episodes in: Tim & Jon: Is Hell really outside creation & rationally chosen?

My sermon on The Value of Teaching—Paul’s 3rd Missionary Journey drew heavily on their material.

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