The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a non-profit organisation that produces short, high quality, animated videos of the biblical story (they also produce my favourite podcast, study guides, posters, etc.). They use crowd-funding (I’m a monthly supporter) so that it can be free for everyone, everywhere!

I transcribed their The Day of the Lord video.

I engaged with an excerpt from their podcast in Tim & Jon: Is Hell really outside creation & rationally chosen?

Surprising Fire was inspired by a comment in their podcast.

Will God burn the world up? is another transcript of a podcast excerpt.

My The Value of Teaching sermon drew heavily on their material.

You can follow them on:

When it comes to Hell, Tim Mackie and Jonathan (Jon) Collins (directors) follow Josh Butler’s approach, which is similar to C. S. Lewis’ (e.g. Live Q+A – Heaven and Earth at around the 5, 30, & 37 minute marks, and Is Hell a Skeleton in God’s Closet?). God willing I’ll be able to continue to engage with them and explain the reasons why a lot of their theology would make even more sense if they became Christian Universalists.