CPX’s Life & Faith

Centre for Public Christianity‘s (CPX) Life & Faith is one of my favourite podcasts. I’ve listened to every episode on their website, some multiple times. They’ve done over 250 episodes! I recently transcribed some of their episodes:

I’ve also engaged with CPX:

Anyway, just for fun, I wrote a Python program that scanned their website to find details on every episode—from that, I was able to determine the top 10 most downloaded episodes (as of 4/3/2017).

Top 10 Life & Faith episodes

Episode # Title Downloads 
129 Halloween 2574
127 Rewriting Jesus 2476
206 Beautiful Proof 2387
226 Transgender Identity 1545
173 Wise Science 1481
202 Exceptional 1423
183 Was There a Baby in the Manger? 1390
232 Things You Cannot Prove 1359
204 Freedom Regained 1343
211 How Would Jesus Vote 1338

I also plotted the “Downloads vs Age” of all the episodes, which shows the growth in the podcast’s popularity:

Downloads vs Age of Life & Faith episodes showing growth trend
Click on image to view full size. Episode numbers are shown above each x.
Life & Faith by the Centre for Public Christianity
Source: cpx.podbean.com