Key Proponents

I thought it would be helpful to begin to compile a list of key, contemporary proponents of Christian Universalism, although this is tricky because:

  1. I’m not God so I can’t see most of the places where He is working. Therefore, this list should only be viewed as, “proponents Alex has come across that seem to be influential in promoting Christian Universalism”.
  2. Just because someone is on my list, doesn’t mean I endorse all their beliefs or practices.
  3. There will be proponents who should be on my list that I have either inadvertently forgotten/overlooked—sorry about that in advance—this list is a work in progress.

So with those disclaimers in mind, here’s my list so far:

There are also some Christians who have significantly raised awareness of Christian Universalism, despite not identifying with it themselves (at least last time I checked):

God willing, over the next few months, I’ll create pages for each of the above and to introduce them and explain their contribution to the conversation—for now, I’ve linked to each person’s website, blog, etc.

First light
The first light of dawn appears in the east behind the silhouette of the rim of Acatenango’s upper crater, as the moon rises higher in the sky—Kevin Sebold