Rev Dr Robin Parry

Rev Dr Robin Parry’s book, The Evangelical Universalist, was what finally convinced me that Christian Universalism was more biblical than the alternatives—admittedly I’d already read Keith DeRose’s excellent introduction, Universalism and the Bible, and Tom Talbott’s, The Inescapable Love of God so I wasn’t entirely ignorant of the biblical case.

He wrote the most popular article on my website, 7 Myths About Universalism. He contributed a chapter to Zondervan’s important, Four Views on Hell, and has been interviewed about Christian Universalism countless times and is the most sort after international speaker on the topic.




My favourite talks at the 2019 Hope & Hell Conference (videos and transcripts).

Excellent talk at the 2015 Rethinking Hell Conference:

I began transcribing it but he kindly gave me the paper to save a lot of work!

  1. Parry—Burning Love: The Theological Hermeneutics of Hell (1162 words)
  2. Parry—Hell in the Context of the Biblical Narrative (321 words)
  3. Parry—Creation: all things are from him and for him (1304 words)
  4. Parry—Redemption: all things are through him (835 words)
  5. Parry—Church: a foretaste of the age to come (470 words)
  6. Parry—Consummation: all things are to him (343 words)
  7. Parry—The Victory of Divine Love over Evil (441 words)
  8. Parry—Augustine’s Prison (1195 words)
  9. Parry—Free Will & Annihilationism (908 words)
  10. Parry—The Hospital (548 words)

Entire talk as a PDF:
Parry—Burning-Love—Rethinking-Hell-Conference (7602 words)

Forgotten Gospel talks:

Spurgeon’s College talk—Evangelical Universalism: Oxymoron?

Trinity College Bristol talk and Q&A

Chawn Hill Church talk and Q&A

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity talk:


Transcript of Nomad Podcast’s interview:

Premier Christian Radio interviewThe “Evangelical Universalist” is revealed

Grace Communion International’s interview (transcript available at their site):

Rethinking Hell’s interview covering a bit of Parry’s background before focusing on Evangelical Universalism in relation to Evangelical Conditionalism/Annihilationism. They also interviewed him about Four Views on Hell.

Parry’s interview of Ilaria Ramelli:


He is the author/co-author/editor of many books:


He is currently an Editor Wipf and Stock:

From 2001-2010, he was an Editor at Paternoster Press.

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Robin Parry holding The Evangelical Universalist